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Top and Famous Being Mary Jane Quotes With Images


Here is the collection of Being Mary Jane quotes for the series fans. It is an American television drama series that debuted on January 2014. The series has received numerous awards and positive reviews. The story follows professional and personal life of a TV new anchor Mary Jane Paul who lives in Atlanta Georgia.

“Just because you didn’t lie doesn’t mean you communicated.”
– Being Mary Jane
being mary jane quotes
“Cry about it tonight, because you have to make it right in the morning.”
– Being Mary Janebeing mary jane quotes
“You present the false choice between either having them fight for you or ignore you altogether, and there is no power in either of those things.”
– Being Mary Jane Quotesbeing mary jane quotes
“A lot of times, people look outside themselves for blame and for answers when, really, all these conversations we’re having, the ones you have with other people they are just… dress rehearsals for the ones we need to have with ourselves.”
– Being Mary Janebeing mary jane quote
“This is my story, or at least it’s as close to it as I’m currently willing to share.”
– Being Mary Jane Quotesbeing mary jane quote
“You asked me what happened? Do you really want to know? I grew up, look around, and I was finally real with myself.”
– Being Mary Jane Quotesbeing mary jane quote

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